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Health care differs from other goods and services in important ways, as the ultimate output of medical care is its effect on health. This effect can only be assigned probabilities before the care is provided and is difficult to measure even after the fact. By the virtue of new findings and technologies, health care scenario is changing fast around the world. Healthcare software systems are moving from hospital- centered departmental systems, to patient centered medical records that are distributed across networks.

But implementation of IT solutions in health care poses several challenges. As the operations of Health care units are extremely sensitive and complex, they require expert professionals which include medical doctors, pharmacists along with IT solutions which can help them in integrating all the areas like clinical, financial and operational.

To run a healthcare unit in a successful manner, choosing the best approach to balance capital budgets, operating cost and expertise information technology is a big challenge. Metasoft is dedicated in providing effective solutions to the small and mid-sized health care units with a mission to assist clients enhance quality and thus make possible better health care outcomes.

Metasoft helps its clients to transform their IT system to adapt changing market needs. Metasoft health care solutions are based on world renowned Care2x open source framework and is aimed at enhancing competitiveness along with improved patient care and customer service and cost reduction. Our solutions establish industry specific standards and guidelines for coding, pricing, billing, reviewing, auditing and managing medical records.

With these abilities, Metasoft boasts to have done various deployments of our customized solution with our well trained specialists in areas of,Medical Billing Software System
• Electronic Health Record Software Solutions
• Hospital Management Solution
• Clinic Management System
• Appointment Scheduler
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